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Monday, May 12, 2008

The Most Valuable Soccer Teams

The Brits thought Yank Malcolm Glazer was crazy when he paid $1.5 billion for Manchester United in 2005. We then valued the club at $1.25 billion. Today, we peg Man U's worth at $1.8 billion, making it the top dog in our latest annual ranking of the world's most valuable soccer teams.
Soccer's Richest Clubs Get Richer
Jack Gage
New stadiums and more seats in old ones and new TV and sponsorship revenue make the world's top soccer teams evermore valuable.

Gunning For It All
Godwin Maidment
Arsenal's board did the hard work of taking on debt and building its moneyspinning new stadium. Now it has to stop would-be new owners walking off with the spoils.
Brand Within Borders
Paul Maidment
Can the English Premier League break out of Britain and transform itself into a global giant?

The World's Best Paid Soccer Players
Christina Settimi
The line between celebrity and athlete is blurred for these top-paid pros.
Cars Of The Football Stars
Lionel Laurent
From Wayne Rooney's Lamborghini to Thierry Henry's Mercedes SLR, get behind the wheels of the sport's most successful stars.

Real Fight Club–In Silicone Valley

Wow. Apparently, life really does become meaningless when you’re at the top of your game, you’ve got the house, car, wife, kids and whatever the f*ck else you want. None of that means sh*t compared to the free gift of pain–or so says these Silicone Valley desk-jockeys, who’ve set up their own “fight club,” in an attempt to return to the roots of Man.

Check out “Real Fight Club” video after the jump!

From’s “E:60″

(Hint, skip to about 7:00. That’s when the ass-kicking begins.)

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