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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Phillies/Braves Conspiracy Leaked

Sources have confirmed this week that a secret agreement was indeed forged between the two teams at the start of 2008. The underground alliance was supposed to go undetected all year but an unforeseen security leak led to an investigation that revealed elaborate details of a Philadelphia/Atlanta conspiracy. The plan had the Braves forfeiting all but two games to Philadelphia while doing everything in their power to stop, in particular, the late season insurgence of the New York Mets.

Investigations heated up after the Braves won their last two series with the Mets in a week that saw the Phillies finalize a 9-0 sweep of the Braves at Turner Field.

Since no one is talking openly and indictments have not been handed out, facts are hard to come by; including details on what exactly the Braves stood to gain by helping the Phillies win their second straight division title.

Under the condition of anonymity, one player from the Atlanta organization revealed that he personally was bribed with “Season tickets to the Eagles, a chance to hang out with Rocky and the Eagle cheerleaders for the day, and a LOT of cheese steaks.” No one is sure if the Phillies reached agreements with each member of the team or targeted key players only. Kelly Johnson, despite his two run homer last night, remains a top suspect ever since the dropped ninth inning pop fly in Atlanta this June.

The investigation is said to continue with full force as it could be the biggest scandal since the New York Yankees sold their souls to the Devil in the mid 90’s.