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Friday, February 27, 2009

Ivan Gazidis: MLS Will Not Lose Out If David Beckham Stays In Milan

Former MLS commissioner and present Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis doesn't believe David Beckham is key to the future of football in the United States.

Gazidis, who has first hand experience of the game across the Atlantic, has given his views on the 'Becks' saga and he feels that it will not be the end of the world if the England international doesn't return to the Los Angeles Galaxy.

"All I will say is that players have a contract to respect and David has always done this," Gazidis told the New York Times.

"In any case what happens happens. I don't think Beckham will be the determining factor in terms of the future of the MLS.

"The league has its own strength and respect from the world of football."

Milan are trying hard to ensure their man stays on at San Siro, however, the offer they have made to the Galaxy has been deemed less than perfect.

The latest reports suggest the Rossoneri have delayed plans to fly out to America once again. Beckham, however, has always maintained the stance that he wants to stay in Italy.

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Ex-Bulls broadcaster, coach Johnny 'Red' Kerr dies

Chicago Bulls broadcaster and original head coach Johnny 'Red' Kerr is shown at center court surrounded by tributes to him during halftime of an NBA game between the Bulls and the Detroit Pistons earlier this month in Chicago. Kerr died Thursday after a battle with prostate cancer.

CHICAGO (AP) — Johnny "Red" Kerr, the former Chicago Bulls coach who spent more than three decades as a broadcaster for the team, died Thursday. He was 76.

Kerr died at his home after a battle with prostate cancer, Bulls spokesman Tim Hallam said.

"His name was synonymous with basketball, both here in Chicago, and throughout the entire NBA," Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said. "Those that were fortunate enough to have known Johnny were touched by both his tremendous compassion for people, and his lifelong passion for the game of basketball. We will miss him greatly."

Kerr's death is a double blow for the Bulls, following the death also Thursday of Norm Van Lier, one of the most popular players in Bulls history. Van Lier was 61.

The Bulls unveiled a statue of Kerr at the United Center during an emotional ceremony earlier this month that included taped messages from President Barack Obama and commissioner David Stern and speeches from Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.

Pippen said Kerr "makes Chicago Bulls basketball what it is," while Jordan called him "an inspiration to me as a basketball player and as a person."

A Chicago native who served as the team's first head coach and received NBA Coach of the Year honors for leading the Bulls to the playoffs in the inaugural 1966-67 season, Kerr also received a photo collage from Bulls GM John Paxson and the Basketball Hall of Fame's John W. Bunn Lifetime Achievement Award from Jerry Colangelo during the ceremony.

"I want to thank everybody here in the audience who has seen the Bulls play not because of Red Kerr but because of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and all the other people in the organization," said a choked up Kerr.

Kerr played 12 seasons (1954-1966) in the NBA for the Syracuse Nationals, Philadelphia 76ers and the Baltimore Bullets. From 1954 to 1965, the three-time NBA All-Star appeared in a then-NBA record 844 consecutive games.

He is survived by five children and 10 grandchildren.

Plans to honor Kerr were pending, Hallam said.

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1869 baseball card sells for $75,285

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An avid sports memorabilia collector and dealer in Houston said he shelled out $75,285 for a 1869 baseball card depicting the Cincinnati Red Stockings.

Jeffrey Rosenberg, president of sports collectibles organization Tristar Productions, said he considers the purchase a bargain, as the card bearing the image of professional baseball's first team is likely worth six figures, the Houston Chronicle reported Wednesday.

"This is like an ultimate treasure," Rosenberg said. "Anybody who is a collector of baseball cards, of history, would want this. It would fit in any museum, from the Smithsonian to the Baseball Hall of Fame."

He said the previous owner of the card, antiques dealer Bernice Gallego, 72, initially put the card on eBay for $9.99 after she discovered it in a box acquired during a long-ago estate sale. However, the woman pulled the card from eBay after online inquiries hinted at its true value and she eventually made $64,073 from the sale after the auctioneers took their fee.

"I feel great. I'm happy for the card. I'm happy for my husband and I. I'm happy for the whole world," Gallego said during a recent appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

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Speling Remainz Obstakul for Starkvil, MS

Posted By Spencer Hall

I know nothing about the Mississippi education system, and will make no remarks about it. I also will refrain from any regional stereotyping, especially as I'm typing this in Atlanta, and any fires I start would backdraft on me in a heartbeat. I would like to suggest that they leave it this way and insist that the spelling error is intentional, a result of a misguided attempt to hype up the Mississippi State baseball team by intentionally misspelling things. Jerseys will read "Buldoggz" from now on, and the official name of the school will be Mississppi St8. The kids will love it. Trust us.

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