Wednesday, August 6, 2008

20 Ways to Die in the Summer Olympics

On August 8th, the world will stop to glue their eyes on the 2008 Summer Olympic games in Beijing. For this week’s edition of “20 Ways to Die”, we will explore the dangers surrounding the Olympic games. Some of these videos can cause mental trauma to any viewer, while others will shock, surprise, and leave you laughing from now until the games.

Always remember that with any sport comes injuries, and the Olympics are no exception. Although these athletes are said to be the best in the world, bloopers still happen. And if we couldn’t find content of professionals screwing up, we used the next best substitute: class A idiots . . . or fat kids.

1. Not paying attention to surrounding shot putters:

2. Somehow failing to complete at hurdle jump:

3. Lacking the reflexes required to be a proper soccer goalie:

4. Not letting goal of your pole during the vault:

5. Letting go of your pole during the vault:

6. Not paying attention to your surroundings during field events:

7. Jumping on a springboard with too much bounce:

8. Kamikazes on the baseball field:

9. Jumping on a springboard with . . . no bounce:

10. Being around a javelin thrower:

11. Lifting so much weight your bowels explode (just look for it). . .

12. Fighting this guy in taekwondo (real Mortal Kombat stuff):

13. Crashing your bike infront of 20 other cyclists:

14. Training in a country that lacks a swimming pool:

15. Failing to know where the balance beam is:

16. Being a discus observer:

17. Being overweight and on the diving board:

18. Hit in the face by baseball:

19. Continuing a rowing race after 2 boats had already went under:

20. Living in the way of the Chinese government: This in all seriousness something the world has yet to realize. These games are seen in the eyes of the Chinese government as an opportunity to showcase their dominance and advancement as a country to the world. During the past few weeks, there have been problems with censorship between the government and the media regarding the Olympic games. Although the games will be impressive, just remember how their government secured the land for its use. The people of China aren’t protesting for no reason. Corruption is prevalent.

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