Friday, August 15, 2008

Georgia strikes back at beach volleyball

In the Russia-Georgia conflict, the score is now tied.

After several days of watching their cities being reduced to rubble, Georgia decided to settle their differences with Russia the old fashioned way. They pulled on their bikinis and took it to the beach.

Things didn't look good at first, when Russia trounced Georgia in the first set 21 to 10. The world watched this Olympic event as closely and as passively as they've been watching Russia's military assault on the smaller, weaker Georgia this past week. Many in the stands wondered if they would have to witness a repeat of the carnage they saw on TV. They looked to each other in the bleachers, asking with their eyes whether they should do what their governments have failed to do, and run onto the sand to take a pipe to the Russian team's kneecaps before any more harm could be done on the international stage.

But it would not be Georgian blood to stain the white sands of Beijing. Georgia struck back in the second set, leading their countrymen to triumph with a slim victory of 22 to 20. After a 15 to 12 win in the third set, the world realized they were right to not bother helping Georgia to fight back the Russian hordes. As those two Georgian chicks pressed their unbelievably tiny bikini bottoms together in a victory hug, it was clear to the world that this is one little country that knows how to take care of itself.

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