Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Never thought we'd see Favre like this

Whatever happens with Brett Favre today, chances are it will only leave you more cynical.

The shame is that, in the not so distant past, Favre was the pure guy, the untouchable, the great teammate who played for the love of the game. Now he shows up in training camp having spent the last few days contemplating how much it would have cost the Packers to keep him retired.

Green Bay didn't meet his price. That doesn't mean he didn't have one, though.

And for most people, that's the real price of this maudlin play, starring Brett Favre as "Redneck Hamlet." He's gone from being an icon to just another superstar, another guy who, despite the most earnest proclamations, puts himself above the team.

You expected this from Manny Ramirez, who dogged his way out of Boston.

Or maybe Kobe Bryant, who demanded a trade after the Lakers didn't deal Andrew Bynum for Jason Kidd.

But Favre? The Wrangler man, the virtuous every-man who headbutts his own linemen? The guy who made every football fan in America believe he'd play for free?

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