Sunday, October 19, 2008

24 Hours Of LeMons Texas Day One: Corolla Leads, Detroit Iron 3 Of Top 5

By Murilee Martin

What a day! Being a LeMons Supreme Court justice at the Yeehaw It's Texas 24 Hours Of LeMons event means that the action never stops; the black-flag brigade at MSR cut no slack to those who bash into each other, slide off the asphalt, spin out, or otherwise commit acts of hoonage in the low-buck race cars, which means there's always a big line of cars stacked up in the punishment area. Everyone is innocent, of course, and there was drama aplenty, but the upshot is that it's 1:00 AM and I've only just now had a chance to break out the laptop and fill y'all in on the all-important Day One standings. First, the SCHWING Team Toyota Corolla FX16 finished the day on top, with 206 laps...

24 Hours of Lemons - Day One

Second place, is the Witchdoctor Motorsports Bikini Racer Camaro, also with 206 laps (and a 1.3 second slower best lap time). That's right, a big ol' third-gen F-body, driven by a female Supra drag racer, is giving the nimble imports a run for their money.

In third with 203 laps, we have the Bum Steers And The MooPoo Crew Mazda Miata, which is being driven by what a lot of disgruntled competitors describe as "the best Miata racers in the state, on their home track." We needed a lot of convincing to accept this car as a sub-$500 machine, but flood-damaged Miatas are dirt cheap in hurricane country lately.

Here's a familar green Neon: the Latch Key kids of Michigan, who now hold fourth place with 199 laps. This is the LKKs' fourth LeMons race, and they've finished in the top five in every single one. How? They're fast, they race clean, don't attract attention, don't break the car, and don't get penalties (while many of the other cars have been in for three or even four visits to the Crime Scene Parking Lot already). My money is on these guys to take the win tomorrow; they look so effortless, while the cars in front of them are being pushed much harder.

Another Neon! The Purple Pin Ball Righty- and, yes, those are indeed Truck Nuts on the rear bumper- has 193 laps and fifth place.

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